About us

Close friends before co-workers.

That is the secret of our success: we enjoy meeting each other at work and having fun, but always taking the job extremely seriously. 

Dorina, Carola, Alessandro, Ilaria and Pietro, combine the experience of the age, with the youthful dynamism. 

You will never be disappointed by our service and products.


Our greatest commitment is to provide you with the freshest Italian produce with the biggest assortment.
Directly from the farms and the main vegetable markets to your facilities, never stuck in stores. 

Always at the best price.

We constantly work closely with our farmers and wholesalers to make sure you get an incredible variety of fruits and veggies.

Our product list is always up-to-date, so you can check the availability of the seasonal products to choose from.


We will regularly inform you about what is in season.
Eating seasonal products has been the norm for generations.
Seasonal products are at their peak for both flavour and health benefits, being harvested at the right time, tasting fresher, riper and sweeter.

At their best in OCTOBER and NOVEMBER

Besides the usual produce available all year round, in full season:


-Citrus fruits: Clementine, Orange, Miyagawa;



-Sharon fruit and Persimmon;


– Grapes black, white and rosè, seedless and seeded;



-Leafy vegs: Spinach, Cima di rapa, Chicory, Puntarella;



-Pumpkin and Squash.

Please ask us the weekly availability and prices.


We are proud to offer you a complete range of dry food, diary, confectionary.
Our continuous search of new manufacturers, wholesalers and artisan producers, leads us to best deal with the main suppliers.
Huge assortment of amazing niche products, exclusively. Look at our list!

Please feel free to contact us for any query and info at:


PLEASE NOTE: We supply the goods by pallet at your facilities, if you are a retailer and would like to purchase individual boxes of your chosen fruit, vegetables or food, we are happy to address you to our loyal and trusty distributors.

Pietro De Paoli
Dorina Furrari
Carola De Paoli

Logistic & Procurement

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Alessandro De Paoli

Office & Human resource

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