artichokes “violetto” X 30
artichokes apollo x 10
artichokes baby loose
artichokes mammola x 10
artichokes mammola x 34
artichokes purple stem x 16 pcs
artichokes romanesco big bunches
artichokes round romanesco x 22 pcs
artichokes spikey Riviera
artichokes spikey x 12 pcs
artichokes spikey x 18 pcs
artichokes thema x 20
artichokes thema x 25 pcs
asparagus green medium
asparagus purple
asparagus white jumbo
asparagus white medium
asparagus wild bunches
aubergine black
aubergine black 2 lawers
aubergine black long
aubergine pale
aubergine perlina (jap.type)
aubergine striped
aubergine white
beans bobby extra
beans broad
beans flat green taccole ita
beans flat striped
beans flat white taccole ita
beans mix colour
beans yellow
bobby beans black
borlotti fresh
broccolo fiolaro
cabbage black / cavolo nero
cabbage red
cabbage savoy red
carrots heritage x 8 bunches
carrots leafy bunched x 9’s
cauliflower green
cauliflower purple
cauliflower romanesque
cauliflower yellow
celery leafy
chestnut kg.3
chilly red
chilly small bunched
cima di rapa
corn cob
courgette flowers w/out jet x 8
courgette long
courgettes flowers w/courgette
courgettes green
courgettes green (medium-big)
courgettes romanesche
courgettes round
courgettes trompette
courgettes white
courgettes yellow
cucumber baby italian
cucumber barattiere
cucumber carosello
eggs x 6
fennel 10 pcs
fennel 12 pcs
fennel 14/16 pcs
fennel tops
flowers edible 4 big pnts a box
friggitelli-sweet green chilly
friggitelli-sweet red chilly
garlic in basket
garlic red
garlic white string
hop sprouts 10 bunches
kohlrabi purple
leeks cervara
leeks italian
minestrone 8x500g
mooli extra x 15
mooli small size
mushroom cardoncelli
mushroom cep x kg
mushroom champignon
mushroom pioppini
mushroom pleus punnet
onion borettane bags x 5 kg
onion borettane box 6 punnets
onion flat white
onion giarratana
onion grelot bunches x14
onion grelot red cipollotto tropea bunch
onion lampascioni
onion red bag x kg 5
onion red tropea dry loose
onion red tropea dry string bunch
onion white bag x kg 10
onion white bag x kg 5
onions white tray
parsley root
peas fresh
peppers corn mix green and red
peppers corn mix red and yellow
peppers green 1 layer
peppers italian mix
peppers italian red 2 layers
peppers italian red tray
peppers italian yellow tray
potato new
potato yellow
potatoes red sweet
pumpkin decorated
radish pink bunch
root purple
spinach bunched w/roots gran.
spinach leaves
squash butternut
squash delica
squash delica sliced
squash muscat
squash ornamental
squash round
squash violino x kg
swiss chard
swiss chard baby
swiss chard rainbow
tenerumi courgette tops
tokyo turnips
tokyo turnips purple
truffle black “uncinato”

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